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Sorbus alnifolia - Korean Whitebeam

General Information
Common Name Korean Whitebeam
Scientific Name Sorbus alnifolia
Sun Tolerance Full Sun
Height 10 - 20 m (33-66 ft)
Spread 6 -8 m (20 - 30 ft)
Growth Rate Fast
Bloom Time Spring
Color Green,
Flower Color White
Type Tree
Native Asia, Europe, USA
Kingdom Plantae – Plants
Subkingdom Tracheobionta – Vascular plants
SuperdivisionSpermatophyta – Seed plants
Division Magnoliophyta – Flowering plants
Class Magnoliopsida – Dicotyledons
Subclass Rosidae
Order Rosales
Family Rosaceae – Rose family
Genus Sorbus L. – Mountain Ash
Species S. alnifolia

Sorbus alnifolia - Korean Whitebeam
Sorbus alnifolia commonly known as or Korean Whitebeam also known as Alder-leafed Whitebeam.  It is native to eastern Asia of northern China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. This is a medium-sized tree that grows to 10–20 m (33-66 ft) tall and trunk grows up to 30 cm diameter with grey bark. The crown is columnar or conic in young trees and becoming rounded with age, with branches angled upwards, and slender shoots. 
This is a deciduous tree. The leaves are green above. The leaves are arranged alternately on the shoots and thinly hairy with white hairs beneath, 5–10 cm long and 3–6 cm broad, simple, usually un-lobed, broadest near the base, with serrated margins and an acute apex. In the autumn the leaves color become orange-pink to red. It blooms white flowers in late spring. The flowers are 10–18 mm diameter, with five white petals and 20 yellowish-white stamens; they are produced in corymbs 4–8 cm diameter. The fruit of Korean Whitebeam is a globose pome 8–15 mm diameter, the fruit is bright red. They are mature in mid-autumn. 
S. alnifolia is cultivate as an ornamental tree in northern Europe for its autumn color. The wood is used for furniture making and the bark for dye making in Japan. It has been used to make rulers in Russia.

Sorbus alnifolia - Korean Whitebeam

Sorbus alnifolia - Korean Whitebeam Leaves

Korean Whitebeam Leaves in Autumn 

Sorbus alnifolia - Korean Whitebeam Flowers

Flowers of Korean Whitebeam

Sorbus alnifolia - Korean Whitebeam Full Bloom

Sorbus alnifolia Flowers

Korean Whitebeam Green Fruits

Fruits of  Korean Whitebeam

Sorbus alnifolia Fruits

Sorbus alnifolia - Korean Whitebeam

Sorbus alnifolia - Korean Whitebeam in Autumn

Autumn color of Korean Whitebeam

Bark of Korean Whitebeam

Sorbus alnifolia - Korean Whitebeam

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