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Quercus palustris - Pin Oak

General Information
Common Name Pin Oak
Scientific Name Quercus palustris
Sun Tolerance Full Sun
Height 18 - 23 m (60 - 75 ft)
Spread 8 -14 m (26 - 46 ft)
Growth Rate Fast
Bloom Time Spring
Color GreenBronze
Flower Color Green
Type Tree
Native United States, Europe
Kingdom Plantae – Plants
Subkingdom Tracheobionta – Vascular plants
SuperdivisionSpermatophyta – Seed plants
Division Magnoliophyta – Flowering plants
Class Magnoliopsida – Dicotyledons
Subclass Hamamelididae
Order/ Fagales
Family Fagaceae – Beech family
Genus Quercus L. – Oak
Species Q. palustris

Quercus palustris - Pin Oak
Quercus palustris common name is the Pin oak also known as Swamp Spanish oak. It is mainly native to the eastern United States. The Pin Oak is now also well adapted to life in Australia.
It is a medium-sized deciduous tree growing to 18–23 m (60–75 ft) tall. And Bark grows up to 1 m (3.3 ft) diameter. It has an 8–14 m (26–46 ft) spread. The crown is broad conic when young, with numerous small branches radiating out from a central leader. When older, some upper branches become quite large and the central leader is lost, while the lower branches gradually droop downwards.
The leaves are 5–16 cm (2.0–6.3 in) long and 5–12 cm (2.0–4.7 in) broad. The leaves arranged alternately. Each leaf has five or seven lobes. Each lobe has 5-7 bristle-tipped teeth. The sinuses are typically u-shaped and extremely deep cut. In fact, there is approximately the same amount of sinus area as actual leaf area. The leaf is mostly hairless oily-green. Overall autumn leaf coloration is generally bronze, though individual leaves may be red for a time. 
The fruits of Pin Oak are called the acorns. The acorns, borne in a shallow, thin cap, are hemispherical, 10–16 mm (0.39–0.63 in) long and 9–15 mm (0.35–0.59 in) broad, green maturing pale brown about 18 months after pollination. The acorn is unpalatable because the kernel is very bitter. It blooms in spring and the flowers color is yellowish-green. Pin Oak also plant for landscaping. It is cultivated in parks and large gardens in many countries.The wood is generally marketed as red oak, but is of significantly inferior quality, being somewhat weaker, often with many small knots. The wood is hard and heavy and is used in general construction and for firewood.

Pin Oak : Color Bronze

Pin Oak Young Plants

Pin Oak Leaves

Pin Oak Bronze Color Leaves

Pin Oak Leaves

Pin Oak Flowers

Pin Oak Flowers

Pin Oak Acorns

Pin Oak Fruits

Pin Oak Seeds

Pin Oak Bark

Pin Oak Logs

Pin Oak

Pin Oak as ornamental tree

Pin Oak Plantation side the road

Pin Oak as Ornamental Tree

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