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Viburnum opulus – Guelder Rose

General Information
Common Name 
Guelder Rose, European Cranberry-bush
Scientific Name 
Viburnum opulus
Sun Tolerance 
4 - 5 m (13-18 ft)
up to 3 m (up to 10 ft)
Growth Rate 
Bloom Time 
Flower Color 
Asia,  Europe, USA
Plantae – Plants
Tracheobionta – Vascular plants
Spermatophyta – Seed plants
Magnoliophyta - Flowering Plants
Magnoliopsida - Dicotyledons
Caprifoliaceae – Honeysuckle Family
Viburnum L. – Viburnum
V. opulus

Viburnum opulus – Guelder Rose
Viburnum opulus commonly known as Guelder Rose also called Water Elder, Cramp Bark, Snowball Tree and European Cranberry-bush. It is native to Europe, North America Northern Africa and Central Asia. It is a deciduous shrubby tree rarely exceeding 4-5 m (13-18 ft) in height, delights the eye whenever adorned with its pretty clusters of curious white flowers or its very attractive scarlet translucent berries. It is common in the south of Britain, occasional in the Midlands but very rare further north.
The twigs and branches are quite smooth, and somewhat angular, greenish-grey at first, later reddish-brown. The winter buds are set oppositely, greenish-yellow, and wrapped in scales. The opposite young leaves are covered with down when they appear, but they discard this as they expand into their deeply toothed lobes, usually three or five in number, with a few small glands down the stalk and a few reddish-brown stipules at its base. 
The attractive flower-head, opening in June has its individual flowers arranged as a flat-topped cyme, those in the outer circle being white and showy but sterile (without stamens or pistil) and those within being small, creamy white, bell-shaped and perfect –truly a curious but beautiful arrangement. The attractive flat clusters of scarlet translucent berries, nauseous to the taste, are often too heavy to be held up by their twigs, and branches become bent down under their weight. They ripen in autumn just as the leaves are fading to orange or russet tints. It is very attractive plant, so people like to plant it in their garden as ornamental plant.

Viburnum opulus – Guelder Rose in Autumn

Leaves of Guelder Rose 

Leaves of Viburnum opulus

Viburnum opulus – Guelder Rose Leaves

Leaves of Guelder Rose in Autumn

Flowers of Guelder Rose

Flowers of Viburnum opulus

Viburnum opulus – Guelder Rose Full Bloom

Viburnum opulus – Guelder Rose Flower Blooming

Viburnum opulus – Guelder Rose Flowers Blooming

Fruits of Guelder Rose

Fruits of Viburnum opulus

Viburnum opulus – Guelder Rose Fruits

Viburnum opulus – Guelder Rose Fruits

Seeds of Guelder Rose

Guelder Rose in Autumn

Viburnum opulus in Autumn

Guelder Rose as Ornamental

Viburnum opulus – Guelder Rose

Viburnum opulus – Guelder Rose

Guelder Rose in Wild

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